8 February 2021

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We have the tools, and we have the experience, to bring your projects to life, step into your concept and explore it from every angle!

3D Experiential Design UK

Utilising the latest VR and 3D visualisation techniques we can supply our clients with a tour of their project before a single sheet of wood has been cut, helping to inform client design choices and ensuring that the final product exactly meets your specifications.

Extend your brands reality

Extended Reality is the new real. So what is it?

Extended Reality is an umbrella term that covers all of the various technologies that enhance our senses, whether they’re providing additional information about the actual world or creating totally unreal, simulated worlds for us to experience.

It includes Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Bringing digital elements to a live view often by using the camera on a smartphone or webcam.

Examples of augmented reality experiences include Snapchat lenses, the game Pokemon Go and the hugely popular virtual backgrounds found in Microsoft Teams.

AR is usually used to refer to a virtual experience that extends the existing real world.

When real world builds are created specifically for AR then it could be thought of as a Mixed Reality experience.

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR implies a complete immersion experience that shuts out the physical world.

Using VR devices such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard, users can be transported into a number of real-world and imagined environments such as the middle of a squawking penguin colony or even the back of a dragon.

Perfect for dropping a visitor into a tailored experience that dives them into the brand message through a combination of sight and sound.

In time, this will extend to tactile and olfactory sensations.

Mixed Reality (MR)

Where both real world and virtual installations are built together.

This could be a pop-up booth, built for the purpose of displaying virtual assets, creating an AR experience, but they are designed holistically to work together to communicate an idea of the story.

This is just one example, but bringing a tailored physical world and virtual together would be the Mixed Reality experience.

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