8 February 2021




360 virtual tours give users a complete tour of a physical property helping them to feel as if they are at the location in person. They can look all around them and see what’s above, below, to the left and to the right, zoom in on something in particular, or zoom out to get a better view of the property as a whole.

Take a look at our interactive 360 virtual tour below:



The JBH Design team has the skills and technology such as drone photography, to shoot and craft custom 360º interactive tours, complete with videos, audio elements, and even quizzes and games. Here are some of the services we provide:

Interactive Virtual Tour

Interactive Virtual Tours are an exciting way to give your customers the feeling of being physically present somewhere, for example, a property they’d like to buy, without them having to leave their home.

As well as allowing house buyers the chance to see a number of properties in a short space of time, it can be used for a range of other industries such as tourism. A virtual tour opens up the word of museums and theme parks to people who aren’t able to get there. They can experience the exhibits and rides from the safety of their living room giving them an accessibility that wasn’t available before.

The JBH Design team can help you create virtual tours that wow potential clients by adding different experiences such as marketing games that allow them to learn about your brand and interact with it.

360 Panoramic Tours UK

Panoramic tours are a fantastic way to allow people to visit your venue or location without having to set foot outside. Our design team can shoot the highest quality, 360 panoramic photography virtually anywhere in the UK, from small house tours, factories, showrooms, to shops, galleries and museums… just about any premises or exterior location you can imagine.

Once created, these can be shared on your social media feeds, websites or physical media. We can even arrange hosting on our dedicated servers, helping you to showcase your brand and allowing potential clients to experience your services.

Bespoke Customisation Options

The possibilities for creating a bespoke design really are endless. We can include a number of different elements such as audio, games, quizzes, still photography, and videos all of which have been customised to reflect your brand.

This creates interactive experiences for your customers helping them to understand your business better, or see for themselves whether a particular residential or commercial property, vehicle or service, meets their needs. Whatever your specifications, we can deliver a perfect solution that creates memorable, bespoke tour.

Virtual Tour Solutions For Your Business

Virtua tours brings your products and services to your potential customers in an innovative way. Here are some of the types of tours our professional design team can create:


Virtual tours allow potential buyers to view properties from the comfort of their own home. This means they can view numerous properties in the time it would take them to visit one in real life, saving them time and allowing them to focus on the parts they want to, or skip to the next property if one doesn’t meet their needs.

As a business, virtual tours mean the properties can be viewed by a much wider audience, not just those potential buyers who are registered. This increases the chances of getting the best price for the property quickly.

Travel and Hotel Virtual Tours

Virtual tours in the tourism industry takes booking a holiday to another level. The technology means travellers can view potential hotels in a level of detail they’ve never been able to before, enabling them to effectively “try before they buy”, giving them a better experience.

Location virtual tours also helps holiday makers see what the area they’re planning to visit is like, and make an informed decision as to whether the area provides them with everything they need. A virtual tour company can show them a range of options and provide all of the information they need to decide their next holiday location, helping you to increase bookings and sales.

Educational and Museum Virtual Tours

This type of virtual tour allows visitors who are unable to get to the location, experience the exhibits and displays, making them accessible for all. So exhibits that aren’t accessible for wheelchair users, for example, become so through virtual technology.

Virtual tours are also a great learning experience and help to bring things to life for students. This type of learning is often more memorable helping students to achieve better outcomes.


JBH Design have over 30 years of design experience and our expert teams will take you from the initial concept right through to product launch.


360 virtual tours allow users to feel like they are in the location without having to set foot inside it. It is created using a complete 360-degree by 360-degree view of the location from a number of pictures taken using ariel photography and cameras on the ground, that are stitched together to make a distorted panoramic image.

The distorted image is then coded into an online programme that wraps the images to create a sphere that looks as if you are standing in that location and allows you to move your smartphone or mobile devices to look around. You can look up, down, left and right and can even zoom in or out, giving you a full 360 virtual tour.

Virtual tours bring a new dimension to your business, enabling you to provide potential customers with an interactive tour or anything from a property they may be interested in buying, to your workshop or design process.

They can be used in pretty much any industry sectors from estate agents to showcase the properties on their books, to educational setting allowing students to access classes and learning environments. Virtual tours bring museums and exhibitions to people unable to physically access them, and provide tourists with an insight into where they’re going to be staying, giving them a better user experience.

Yes. At JBH Design, our expert design team can create bespoke virtual tours that match your brand messaging and style. Whatever your requirements, whether that’s to add an element of fun or detail, we can create a tour that is a truly immersive experience for your customers.

By adding in elements such as quizzes, games, audio, images or videos, a virtual tour will help to showcase your brand and your products or services. Designs can be created that reflect your branding colours, style and values so that your virtual tour gives users an experience that enables them to explore the great service you provide.



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