12 February 2024

Metaverse Design


Metaverse Design

Metaverse design creates virtual experiences that allow users to interact and experience a product, service, or game.


Why Metaverse for Businesses?

The metaverse is a virtual space where users can interact with each other, shop, play games, travel and so much more through augmented and virtual reality. Metaverse design creates this type of environment that can be used by businesses to showcase their products or interact with their customers.

It’s a marketing tool that’s used around the world by big brands allowing customers to experience their products or services and increase sales.

Our Metaverse Design Services

Our metaverse designers can create digital experiences that connect you and your customers and help you stand out.

Virtual Spaces

Our team can help you create a virtual space that allows your teams, customers, and visitors to interact with each other. This is done in a completely virtual setting or superimposed onto real-life images or videos.

Custom Avatars

Custom avatars can create a consistent and unique version of you and your teams that represents your brand’s values and identity. Avatars add a touch of personality to your business and are a great way of getting those who are camera-shy to have their faces (albeit a digitally enhanced version) seen by your clients and customers.

Interactive Experiences

Most business spaces are busy and loud. We can help you create interactive events that get you heard above all the noise and give your customers a truly immersive experience allowing them to connect and collaborate with you.

Metaverse Experiences for Businesses Across Different Industries

Whether you are a retail business, architect, or in the entertainment industry, we can help you enhance your customer experience so that your products and services stand out. By creating different virtual worlds, metaverse design can help to transform your business and help it to grow.

Metaverse in Gaming and Entertainment

Metaverse design is huge in the gaming and entertainment industries, helping them to create a virtual environment that allows users to connect as well as play games and have an interactive experience. This type of experience is one of the fastest-growing sectors.

Research has shown that companies such as Roblox have seen a massive increase of in-game spending which was at $319 million for the second quarter of 2020. Brands such as Gucci and Coca-Cola have harnessed the potential of metaverse design that has helped to massively increase their sales.

Metaverse in E-commerce and Retail

Creating an immersive world that allows your customers to browse, and customise products, and enables them to see what they look like in a room setting or on them is a virtual shopping experience like no other.

Our metaverse designers can help you create the perfect shopping environment using technologies such as augmented and virtual reality that create a memorable experience for your customers and help to increase sales and revenue.

Metaverse in Engineering and Architecture

Using technologies such as augmented reality can revolutionise the way industries such as architecture work. Digital technology allows them to create designs that can be interacted with and experienced rather than leaving the client to use their imagination to see what a space may look like once it’s built.

It allows for a lot more collaboration in the design process and reduces costs as issues in a design can be identified before the first brick is laid, making it easier and cheaper to change a layout or material. This new way of working creates a much better customer experience.


The team of metaverse designers at JBH will take you through the entire design process from initial ideas through to product launch, helping you to create a virtual space that enhances your business. Choose JBH for innovative and smooth Metaverse design, bringing your vision to life.

Virtual Reality Technologies We Use

At JBH Design we use a range of VR technologies to design the best solutions for you including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Google Cardboard.


The metaverse is a virtual world that uses 3-D technology such as virtual and augmented reality that allows users to have an interactive and immersive experience. They can interact with products and services as if they were in the physical world, without having to leave their home or office.

Metaverse design creates these kinds of experiences for a range of industries. It allows them to showcase what they do in a virtual space through avatars, games, interactive experiences, and tools.

Our designers can enhance your brand using the metaverse by creating a virtual space that allows users to feel and experience your values, rather than just reading about them. It brings your brand to life and lets the people you want to work with interact and explore it in a way they’ve never been able to before.

Using a virtual environment for your marketing takes it to another level. It allows businesses to create user-generated content representing their brand in a way that no advert, image, or video could ever do.

The Metaverse provides unique marketing opportunities, such as hosting virtual events, product launches, and interactive campaigns allowing users to have an immersive experience to help them decide if it meets their needs. The metaverse designers at JBH can design engaging experiences that captivate and connect with your audience.


We specialise in designing for the metaverse and adapting existing brand assets into digital ones. Your logo, colour schemes, and other brand elements can be seamlessly integrated into virtual spaces, ensuring consistency across both physical and digital platforms whilst enhancing your customer’s experience and taking it to another level.


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