8 February 2021

Virtual & Commercial Interior


Virtual & Commercial Interior Design

With over 30 years of experience, our team of virtual and commercial interior designers creates designs that impress.


Our Commercial Interior Design Services

JBH Design has a range of interior design services that cater to all of your needs. If you want to take a hands-off approach, we can handle the entire project including building and construction assessments through to the production of complete commercial interior design concepts, online interior design services, and finally the actual build.

Or we can provide certain parts of these services and interior design advice, depending on your project requirements.

Virtual Interior Design

A virtual or online interior design service is conducted without face-to-face meetings. It usually doesn’t include project management with all communication taking place virtually, whether that’s video calls, emails, or phone calls.

The main benefits for businesses in using this type of design process are that it can solve a particular dilemma within a project and give a client the confidence to move forward. It allows the client to maintain control of the final design and execution of the project and also allows them to save money by managing it themselves.

Retail Experiences and Shop Windows

Our design team has worked with some of the biggest names on the high street to help them create eye-catching shop windows that showcase their products and draw people in.

We can help you create a retail experience that will transform your space and guide your customers around your store. A well-designed shop helps to make the best use of your floor plan that displays what you sell in the best way which will ultimately help to increase sales.

Refurbishments and Private Showrooms

Creating a working environment that encourages your teams to do their best is key when it comes to designing your working environment. We provide interior design advice that will help you transform your space and grow your business.

Our expert team can also help to create the perfect private showroom that showcases your best pieces using stunning displays that bring your ideas to life.

Commercial Interior Design For Your Business

The space where you do business has to be well-designed and functional to ensure it’s working hard and meets all of your needs. Whether you are in the food, retail, design, beauty, or building industries, your space needs to help your business grow by allowing you to work efficiently.

Our expert design team can help you to create a space, whatever industry you are in, that helps your business to grow.

Commercial Interior Design for Retail Stores

If you want your products to sell, your retail premises need to be designed in a way that allows your customers to explore and experience them in a way that entices them to buy. A poorly designed space that is cramped, cluttered, and doesn’t flow won’t do that.

Our expert designers will help you create a space that creates an enjoyable and memorable shopping experience for your customers that helps them through their buying journey.

Commercial Interior Design for Corporate Offices

Transform your corporate workspace with our commercial interior design services. We go beyond arranging furniture, focusing on creating an environment that sparks creativity, collaboration, and optimises workflow.

Modern office design concepts reflect the flexible ways we work and are easy to adapt to meet the needs of your teams.

Virtual Interior Design For Hospitality Industry

In the competitive landscape of the hospitality industry, creating an exceptional guest experience is crucial. A virtual interior designer can bring your vision to life, employing cutting-edge design concepts and style tips that resonate with your brand.

From creating a mood board to providing paint recommendations, wallpaper samples, and new furniture suggestions, our virtual interior design services will transform your space and help your business grow.

Why Choose Us For Commercial Interior Design Services?

With over 30 years of design experience, our team will guide you from the initial design concepts right through to delivering the completed project.


Commercial interior design is the design process for creating commercial environments such as offices, restaurants, warehouses, and retail stores. These types of projects require optimal space planning so that they create the ideal environment for a particular type of business.

The layout of this type of space is key as it has a direct impact on business productivity. The design concept impacts on business productivity by creating an environment that enhances customer and employee experience and enables a business to function effectively within the space.

Virtual Interior Design, powered by virtual reality technology, offers an immersive and modern design experience. Clients engage with expert designers in a simulated environment, visualising designs in three-dimensional space. This eliminates on-site visits, offering an interactive and personalised approach to interior design for a convenient and engaging digital experience.

Every business is unique, and our commercial interior design services acknowledge and cater to that individuality. Utilising the expertise of a commercial interior designer ensures that your space is tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, contributing to its growth.

Whether it’s a retail space designed to showcase products effectively or a warehouse prioritising efficiency and flow, the right design enhances functionality and promotes growth.

By hiring a commercial interior designer, you not only save time and money but also maximise your investment, creating a space that works seamlessly for your business. Their experience and insights play a crucial role in crafting the ideal environment for your business to succeed.

Residential interior design focuses on creating a space that works for the client and their family. It creates a home environment that reflects the personal style, taste, and personality of those living there.

When a professional interior designer is working on a commercial project, they have to take into account different things. Commercial design covers a wide range of spaces from leisure facilities to hotels, warehouses, and office buildings.

This type of design is business and customer-centred. It is dependent on the type of business you have, will need to align with your brand and create a working environment that is functional and works efficiently for your business. It takes into account the needs of your teams as well as your customers.



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